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Friday, August 28, 2015

Thrifty Finds Friday: All This for $20!

Here are my thrift store finds of the week from the Volunteers of America on Indianola. I went on half price day and got all of this for only $20!
 vintage Saks Fifth Ave sundress $1.50
vintage dress $1.50
selling- labeled as a size 12 but fits like a 6
 vintage leather look peplum dress $1.50
selling- size small
 The Limited one shoulder dress $5.50
selling- size 12
 leopard print wrap dress $5.50
may sell- size Small
 Worthington ribbed lace front top $2.50
may sell- size small
men's vintage African print shirt $2
for my hubby! 

Any Favorites?

So I know you've been waiting to hear if I'm having a girl or a boy. We had our ultrasound on Wednesday and everything looks great! He is measuring in the 50 percentile which is perfect! Did you catch that? It's a boy!

That's how the nurse told us. She went from saying baby this and baby that to saying "he". I didn't even catch it the first time and then the second time she said it I thought maybe she just misspoke. Then the third time she really enunciated the "he" and I was like oh my gosh, it's a boy! I was a little sad for about 2 seconds and let a few tears fall but then I totally got over it because I know this is what God wants for us!

The coolest part was when we got to see him yawn. Then his mouth kept moving like he was tying to tell us something- maybe he was just saying hi! He certainly made it no mystery that he's a boy! It was almost comical how he was showing it off! I think we might have a little ham on our hands!

So... let the shopping begin!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cute Outfit of the Day: Edgy Striped Maxi

Disney girl's dress: Ohio Thrift $1.50
belt: thrift $2
necklace: thrift $3
purse: Forever 21 $25
Kelsi Dagger wedges: T.J. Maxx $20
Total Cost $51.50

week: 19

Feeling edgy today in this comfy cotton maxi dress! I found this in the little girls section at Ohio Thrift while shopping for my 5 year old niece. At only 5ft tall I have trouble with clothes fitting in general but especially maxi dresses. I love the length of this one because it hits where a woman's maxi dress would hit on a tall girl! LOL! Short people problems! 

Today is an exciting day! We should find out if we are having a boy or a girl today if everyone cooperates! I can't wait to start shopping and decorating! We are planning on just having the sonographer tell us what it is. I don't feel the need to do anything crazy. I think it's special enough however you find out and I don't want to have to wait a minute longer than I have to! 

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