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Friday, January 15, 2016

Thrifty Finds Friday

My hubby and I had a fun thrifting adventure a few nights ago with our friends David and Amanda Carey at the Gahanna Goodwill. Here's what I found:

Brand New Target vest $5

The Addison Story blouse $5
Brand New Target silver coated tank $5

And a few things for the baby, of course!
Old Navy sweatshirt and puffer vest in one $3

old Star Wars baby boy t-shirt $3
I know nothing about Star Wars but I think this is a pretty old t-shirt which I think makes it cooler!
 Baby Gap dress (for my BFF's baby girl) $3

Any Favorites?

Pregnancy update:
So our little rascal decided sometime between our 38 and 39 week appts to turn and he is now breech. He was head down for months! So we are going to the hospital on Monday afternoon for the doctor to do a procedure called a version where she will try to turn him around by pushing on my belly. If she can get him to turn they will immediately induce labor. If she can't get him to turn then I will have a c section. So either way we will get to meet our little guy on Monday (or Tuesday depending on how long it takes)! It was pretty unexpected but I have to say I kind of love that I know exactly when things are going down so I can do my hair and makeup and be ready! I will of course post pictures of him but I'm planning on taking some time off from the blog to adjust to the "new normal" life. I just want to relax and enjoy my time off with my hubby and baby! Thanks for all your kind words and support during my pregnancy!
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Friday, January 8, 2016

Thrifty Finds Friday

I actually did some thrift shopping for myself this week! I know it's been awhile! Here's what I bought from the Morse Rd Goodwill:

 Forever 21 sweater $6
selling- size 2x
 Apt 9 sweater $7
I have the same one in tan and I love it!
 handmade sweater $7
no tags- I 'm pretty sure someone made this amazing cardigan!
 Target maternity t-shirt $4
 Target maternity dress $7
may not have a chance to wear this but it's so cute I thought I could pass it on to a friend or sell it!
 Forever 21 faux leather moto jacket $6
I have several similar jackets but can you ever have too many moto jackets?
H&M t-shirt $2
Ok, you knew I couldn't thrift without finding something for baby boy!

Any Favorites?
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cute Outfit of the Day: Mama Bear

H&M sweater: thrift $6
faux leather leggins: thrift $4
vintage boots: thrift $4
gold bracelet: F21 $6
ring: H&M $6
Total Cost: $26

week: 38

How perfect is this sweater as maternity wear! It's nice and long to cover the bump and the mama and baby bear are so adorable! It's been so warm here in Ohio I was afraid I wasn't going to get a chance to wear it but I finally got the opportunity on Christmas Day. My mom loved it so much she made sure I recreated it for the blog so you all could see it! 

Only 2 weeks until I'm officially a mama bear! At last Wednesday's Dr's appointment I wasn't dilated at all. We go to again today but I have a feeling he's hanging on till the end. I'm having lots of sciatic pain and what are most likely fake contractions but otherwise I actually feel pretty good! Most women I talk to say the last month they were so ready to just be done but I feel no sense of urgency. It's like I'm finally getting the hang of this! I think I might also be a bit nervous about what life is going to be like after he's here too. As hard as it is to be 9 months pregnant I imagine it's harder to be a first time mom of a newborn!

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Thrifty Finds Friday

 Happy New Year Everyone!

Between the holidays and baby preparations I didn't make it to any thrift stores this week but I have some random items I bought for the baby over the past few weeks that didn't make the blog yet so here they are:

From Once Upon a Child:
Crazy 8 mustache shirt $2
motorcycle t-shirt $2
sweatshirt $3
Nike onesie $1
Gap Baby jeans $6
Koala Baby straight leg jeans $5
Old Navy skinny jeans $3

From Babies R Us:
sweatshirt: $12

From Goodwill:
onesie $3
striped top: $3
gray jeans $3
navy joggers $3

From Old Navy:
gray camo onesie $4

henley top $4

gray joggers $5

Any Favorites?
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Monday, December 28, 2015

Baby Boy's Room

Baby Boy Turner's room is just about finished so I thought I'd share! The main colors are gray, teal, black, and white with a splash of orange! It is very modern with lots of geometric shapes and clean lines. I'm not really into baby stuff so it's more on the grown up side but still fun, I think! I love how it turned out but I'm most proud to say that by using items we already had, thrifting, using gift cards, and shopping smart we only ended up spending about $300 on his room! Most people spend more than that on just the crib or the chair!
crib: IKEA GULLIVER $99.99
rug: IKEA VIDSTRUP  $79.99
chair: IKEA (have had for years- bough second hand)
art: Target $19.99
silver curtain rod: Target $16.99
gray curtains: Walmart Sun Zero Millennial Arya $10.48 ea
Whale Sheets: Babies R Us High Seas Sheets $17.99
Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray

 This is his changing station/ dresser. All of his clothes are washed and organized according to size/in the dresser. Diapers and wipes are in the basket next to the changing pad and creams and meds are in the metal basket on the shelf above.

 dresser: antique (bought 19 years ago)
polka dot basket: Target $6.99
shelves: IKEA Ekby Osten shelf with Ekby Lerberg brackets $21.98 (for both)
geometric bear on top shelf: Target (holiday collection) $15
 This is one of the shelves that I used to use for my shoes. I was somehow able to condense my shoes down to one bookcase so I could keep this one in his room for toys, books, blankets, shoes,  and decorative items. I'm still tweaking this a bit and obviously I need to add photos to some of the frames.

bookcase: IKEA Billy $79.99
turquoise wire basket: Target $9.99
stuffed shark: IKEA $8

The cat on the top shelf and the silver clock under it were my grandma's who passed away in June. It was really important to me to have some pieces of her in his room.

 art made by my husband

 I put the ottoman under the window for more seating but it can also slide over in front of the chair so we can put our feet up during those late night feedings. The ottoman is filled with diapers! I have  couple of orange pillows that go against the window but they were in the wash when I took these photos.

 art: Etsy Lil' Surfer $19.99

 The start of his shoe collection

 behind the door storage for robes, baby carrier, diaper bag, etc. I've seen lots of couples register for 2 separate diaper bags so to save money I decided to find one bag that both my hubby and I like and this vegan leather backpack was the perfect solution! I am so in love with it! It's so cool you would never know it's a diaper bag!

Ergo Baby carrier: eBay $25 (saved $100!)
Diaper Bag: Nordstrom The Honest Co. City Backpack $150 (Christmas Gift from my parents!)

If I didn't source something it's probably because it's something we've had for years that I pulled from another room in the house, or it was gifted, or thrifted! But please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Now all we need is a our baby boy!
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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cute Outfit of the Day: Back to Basics

blouse: H&M $7
faux leather leggins: thrift $4
necklace: Forever 21 $10
F21 booties: thrift $4
watch: grandma's $0
Total Cost: $25

week 36

I wore this outfit last week to church then out to lunch for my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! Your present is still baking! Back in the Spring, when I found out I was pregnant I thought a lot about what my pregnancy style was going to be. I decided I wanted to go back to the basics- simple, classic pieces. So naturally, one of the first purchases I made was this crisp, classic blouse from the clearance rack at H&M. I bought one in white as well! They are not maternity blouses but they are quite a bit longer than most blouses so they work! 

So I have officially worn these faux leather leggins for 3 posts in a row but that is nothing compared to how much I wear them in real life! I have a few pairs of pants that fit right now but these are by far the most comfortable so they tend to win most days! This is real life folks! 

Hope you all have a great holiday! 

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Cute Outfit of the Day: Embracing My Sporty Side

varsity jacket: Old Navy $20
tank top: Old Navy $3
faux leather leggins: thrift $4
Converse: $30 
watch: Bealls Outlet (Florida) $10
Total Cost: $67

week 35

Happy Monday Everyone! 

Santa came early to our house and brought me some lovely cankles (swollen ankles, and feet and lower legs) so I'm stuck wearing  practical shoes which if you know me is torture! I'm trying to make the best of it though so I came up with this sporty look with my good old Chuck Taylor's that I've owned for like a million years and worn about twice. I actually kind of like how it came out! This is another one of the tops I got from the Old Navy clearance rack last week. I just needed a few tops that were long enough to cover the bump! 

Only 4 days till Christmas! Are you ready? It's been a little crazy this year trying to shop for gifts, AND  get everything we need for the arrival of our son next month all while uncomfortably pregnant! No wonder my ankles are swollen! I did a lot of online shopping but I'm still waiting on some things to arrive and I still need to start wrapping gifts! Can't wait to shop the after Christmas sales for the baby! 

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